Social Media Images, Animations & Videos

Included here are images, infographics, animations and videos that I created for use on social media. In all cases I was the designer, art director and creative director.

Video I edited, showing why Quick Dam’s Flood Bags I superior to Sandbags.

Social media images for QuickLabel. Click on the image to see it larger.

Testimonial-style video for April Fool’s Day. The concept was that QuickLabel’s Kiaro! label printer printed so fast that it was turning their customers into mummies. Michael also filmed and edited this video.

Short minute and a half commercial for social media promoting the durability of QuickLabel’s Kiaro! D label printer. View Michael’s storyboard here.

Romantic Jeweler’s social media image for Mother’s Day.

Self-promotional images and animations for social media. Click any of the images above to see them larger.