Ella Lee in To Catch a Hummingbird (Children’s book)

My first children’s book! I wrote, illustrated, designed and self-published this children’s book. It’s the humorous and whimsical tales of Ella Lee, who goes on an adventure to catch a hummingbird and meets many other animals along the way. The illustrations in the book are all acrylic paintings on upholstery fabric (for more on my illustration work, visit www.MichaelPekala.com).

The book is available for sale on Amazon as an ebook and a paperback.

Below is the design for the covers as well as some of the internal spreads (Click the thumbnails to see larger layouts).

As part of the promotion for the book, I created two animations.

Animation 1) A flip through the book:

Animation 2) Ella Lee reading the first page of “Ella Lee”:

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