Working with Michael has always been a pleasure, both as a freelancer and as a Team member. He is a talented designer and has the technical skills to back it up. Working on projects together, Michael taught me to think about the creative side to improve marketing execution. When given a project or idea, he executes quickly, always meeting deadlines, producing quality work while offering a variety of design options. He is thorough and his attention to detail carries into his work, for example html coding and detail in email design being conscious of the call to action, locations of buttons, A/B testing, etc. He streamlined processes allowing our team to operate more efficiently. His experience with my Team included coaching jr Team members, creating visual aids for RFPs , design work for engineering, creative label designs for media, advertising and trade show design, etc. He has also been actively involved in photography, videography, splash screens, website assets, template development, icon development, email execution and more.

–Jennifer Pray, Marketing Manager, AstroNova

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Michael achieves his best work in a creative role and as an art director leading a creative team. On my team at QuickLabel, Michael designed, as well as led design, on an array of marketing assets, from product and company literature, to price sheets and white papers, to sales and product illustrations and animations, to product photos and customer testimonial videos. Michael worked hard and produced work that was always beautifully designed, on target, while also mindful of budgets, and in-line with the big picture. There is no other person who I would want to handle, design, art direction and creative production for a business or product line than Michael.

-Eric E. Pizzuti, CEO at Hills Numberplates US, Inc.

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Some years back Michael designed the logo for a company I started. He was great; and it didn’t matter that we were on opposite sides of Atlantic. He was really patient and translated my not always very clear ideas into a really lovely design. He is a great person to work with, patient, friendly, and listens. Get in touch with him and find out yourself.

Nathalie Sheridan, Lecturer in Academic and Digital Development at University of Glasgow

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